Shokku is an interface for Dokku - an open source, self-hostable PaaS (commercial options include Heroku,, or Render)
It is recommended you are familiar with the underlying Dokku project (read the docs).

Shokku is not associated with Dokku - but it is similarly open-source and freely available on Github at texm/shokku.


Shokku aims to be as simple to install and operate as Dokku, providing access to most functionality without needing to use the terminal or manage SSH access for users.

  • Deploys as an app via an existing Dokku installation
  • Build, deploy, and manage almost any kind of application easily
  • Easy creation of Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB services
  • Github Integration
    • Single-user or organisation installation
    • User management / Authentication
    • todo: Repo-aware smart suggestions
  • Optional API Access
  • ... and more, try it out!